Freedom Comes Through Humility

mercato online November 13th, 2004 Comments

binäre option etoro Scripture:

1 Corinthians 8:9 – “You must be careful of this freedom of yours. Do not cause a brother or sister with a weaker conscience to stumble.”


Freedom is an awesome result of Christ’s salvation. Freedom from bondage, freedom from legalism, and freedom from shame. Since I’ve known Christ, I’ve been able to move past my past and experience joy and peace like never before. That is incredible. However, this text tells me I can’t abuse that freedom. I have to be mindful of where other people are and how much they matter to God. I can’t wound them in my ignorance, nor cause them to stumble in their journey of faith.


Last night at the Bible study group, there were a lot of opinions about how we are to react to each other. These passages in I Corinthians answer a lot of those questions.

iqoption prelievi Specifically, for me, it may be OK to wear jeans to church, but that may cause someone else to stumble. It may be OK for me to have an occasional burger, but it may set someone else back. It may be OK for me to listen to certain music, but that may cause another to fall. I have to be aware of those around me and to not take my freedom for granted. Not all things are beneficial. I have to be humble and careful in the Spirit at all times.


Dear Father, please forgive me for being so arrogant and trite. Let me realize that this is spiritual war that we are in and I must constantly be taking direction from You. Please teach me how to walk with you at all times. Teach me how to rely upon you — and you alone.

Thanks God — I love you too!


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