It’s a Gurl!

November 29th, 2004 Comments

I’ve been wrapping my mind around this idea that we’re having a gurl. Since I didn’t grow up with any sisters, and all my female cousins were much younger than me, I don’t know that I understand girls all that much. One thing is interesting, at the mall and around last week (we were in Kansas and Missoura), I kept noticing little girls.

I knew I needed to know the gender of our child so I could picture it better — this was what I needed to make it more real. So, watching these little girls was pretty incredible. Then, while staying with Jen’s friends, Karen and Brady, their little two year old girl climbed up in my lap — unprovoked — and played with me for about an hour. That was pretty cool!

Yesterday we went out and registered for baby gifts. We spent most of our time at Babies-R-Us and some time at Target. I felt like I was already shopping for ________. I couldn’t believe how cute some of the little pink outfits were. It was like shopping for gifts for my wife.

It was a good day yesterday, just planning for our little one!

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