>Lions and Tigers and Bears – oh my!

May 30th, 2007 Comments


Just before leaving my brother’s place, it started to get stormy. My Dad had left that morning to drive to Portland and we were getting ready to start the last leg of our trip home. Roger had told me that their drive way, which is unpaved, gets really squirley when it rains. I didn’t realize how right he was.

We have been driving a 3/4 ton 4×4 diesel pickup, pulling a 23 foot 5th wheel trailer. As soon as we got on the driveway, I knew the next 300 yards were going to be a problem. I put it in 4WD, but it hardy made a difference. The PU was going this way and that and if I slowed down, it barely pulled forward. I had to keep enough speed to keep moving, but not so much that I lost control.
As I apporached the road, the driving drops off slightly. I didn’t dare hit the brakes, because that trailer was pushing us forward. I didn’t dare lose control, because there was a deep ditch on either side of the driveway exit. I fought for control, put every ounce of concentration into this task, and we just slid out of the driveway and onto the road without a single mishap! Whew. I mean WHEW!!!
Then the drive home — there was a tornado warning for the I-25 corridor and the winds and rain were picking up. We had hail, wind, rain, and traffic. This leg of the trip was easily the hardest. A three hour drive normally, but it took us 4 hours. Yikes.
But we’re home!!

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