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>Interesting times. I had written my Dad a long letter (via e-mail) before we left SLC and it was my intention to talk to him about it while spending the night in Pierce – at my brother and Dad’s. Just as we arrived, I received an e-mail via My Space from an old friend. Just happened to be the friend who slept with my ex-wife and pushed us over the edge to end our marriage.

The last time I saw him was at the funeral for his dad and brother. I went, purposely to let him know I’d forgiven him. He told me that it was worth losing his dad and brother, just to hear me say that.

Apparently, his 18 year marriage recently ended and he is now 6 months sober. He has a new job, a new serenity, and a new life. Really makes a man stop and think. Of course he wanted to check in on the forgiveness thing. And yes, I still forgive him.

Later that night I talked to my Dad about several issues. He admitted some things and offered numerous apologies. We hugged and prayed together. It was a good night.

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