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>Whenever we travel, my wife prays that we will have the opportunity to help some person/people in need. On this trip, I was so emotionally spent, that I asked her to wait at least a week before praying that prayer (as if God doesn’t already know what we can handle). But all along the way, I’ve felt that God has been using us to connect with people and encourage them along the way.

In Idaho, it was encouraging to us, and our church planter friends — even just the short time we spent with them. Then we stopped at Walla Walla College and gave healing, affirmation, and encouragement to some friends. Indeed — the time I spent walking around the college was very healing to me.

Then on to Battleground and Meadowglade. It was good to connect with family and to show them that even a messed up kid like myself can turn out Ok in Christ. And, not have to be weird about my relationship with Him.

iq option consob We arrived in Ocean Park, WA on Friday, May 4th. Later that evening some friends of ours arrived and spent two nights with us there. We were able to spend some quality time with them and I felt it was a direct answer to my wife’s prayer to help people along the way.

http://makingmemories.co.uk/?hiuio=demo-sulle-opzioni-digitali We had a great time at Ocean Park while staying in my aunt and uncle’s beach cabin — a fairly new double-wide manufactured home actually. After our friend’s left, we had the place to ourselves. The beach was fairly cold, drizzly, and foggy (what would you expect from a PNW coast?), but we enjoyed some nice walks and playing with our family in the sand.

On Tuesday the 10th, we drove down to Cape Lookout State Park, near Tillamook, to stay for a few days. As per usual, we didn’t leave early and we arrive at our camp spot around 10pm. The weather down there was great. We had some good walks, some good time on the beach, and overall a relaxing time. We met some great people and had a relaxing time on the beach.

The last day there, I got up early and walked further down the beach then I ever had before. It was a peaceful time. I saw a sea lion, a blue heron, some sea birds, and some cool beach things. It was good quiet time with my Lord and maybe my last time to see Cape Lookout.

From there we drove down to Newport and toured the aquarium. We arrived in Coos Bay about 7pm this last Friday evening and spent some time with Jen’s aunt and her kids.

Sabbath was spent on Cape Arago and the Beachside Botanical Gardens. What a great day! We walked through the gardens (mostly Rhododendrons), hiked down to this little cove, climbed out on some rocks and looked at tide pools, and then took a long nap in the trailer! We topped off the day by spending some more time with Jen’s aunt. Then, for the second night, we retired to the Wal-Mart campground and parking lot in town.

Today we awoke and had a great breakfast at the Pancake Mill in Coos Bay. Darling Daughter was well rested and on her game. People loved her. Other’s came over just to see the cute little girl sitting at the booth in the corner. Most people guess her age to be about 3, most likely because of her verbal skills, but she is just barely 2.

We stopped in Brookings to get fuel, empty and fill our various tanks, and move on. The day was beautiful. Sunny, about 60 degrees, and absolutely picturesque. The southern Oregon and northern California coast is absolutely amazing. Between the rocky shoreline, the redwood forests, and the rolling rivers — it is pure postcard scenery all the way down the 200 miles from Coos Bay to Eureka. We were oohing and ahing all day long.

We even arrived in our KOA campsite (no freeloading at Wal-Mart tonight) at a reasonable hour: 6pm. Had a nice dinner, and are retiring fairly early.

It has been a good day!

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