I am a Friend of God’s

January 25th, 2008 Comments

Phillips, Craig, and Dean have a song out there called, I am a friend of God’s.  I have appreciated and enjoyed singing the song so much at Common Ground’s worship experience that I finally downloaded it and added it to my iTunes/iPod collection.

A few months ago what struck me about the song was how honored I am to be His friend.  But just yesterday it struck me that with this friendship comes responsibility.  God is crazy about all His kids – everyone, every human, everybody that has ever lived.  So, as God’s friend, that puts me in the position of respecting and honoring these people – regardless of who, what, how, when, or why they’ve done anything.

If you asked me to watch your kids and I ignored their needs, abused them, or just showed dislike or indifference towards them, I would not be honoring our friendship very well.  Even if your kids are snot-nosed little brats, because of our friendship, I would most likely love them dearly.

But am I doing the same with God’s kids?

Even an employee would treat most of God’s kids better than I do most of the time – even if it is just to keep from getting fired. I need to at least treat “the least of these” as well as a hired daycare worker.  But I don’t even do that.

It suddenly hit me last night that it is a privilege and an honor to care for and to love God’s kids.  All of them – regardless of race, creed, color, ethnicity, socio-economic class, education, breeding, addictions, problems, health, wealth, or whatever – God loves each of us greatly and equally.  It is my duty, right, responsibility, and honor to humbly serve them the best I can.

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