Let Your Mind, Heart, and Soul dance

April 21st, 2010 Comments

Lying here on the floor of the Sacramento Airport, listening to gentle piano music – without a care in the world. Just missing my family. I’m looking out at a blue sky with wispy rain clouds and carefree birds blowing by. It’s almost as if I’m in Portland! This is one of my favorite pastimes, but I couldn’t tell you when I did this last.

It soothes my savage soul. It tames my ravaged beast. It allows my heart to rest and my mind to dance.

We all need quite time. Some, more than others. Today, mine is unplanned, but I’ll take it.

Sometimes I’m content with the softy whispering breeze through the trees. Sometimes the deafening roar of a silent mountaintop is awesome – especially on a clear, star-filled night. The babble of a brook can transcend time and space.

Sometimes without any warning, I find myself lying on my couch in Sellwood, or in the backyard of my childhood home near Mt. Tabor. It’s good to be seven years old again.

When was the last time you traveled through time, or let your mind, heart, and soul dance and play?

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