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Camping In MaineOn a whim, we decided to go camping.  I had been telling the kids that we’d set up the tent in the backyard, but every time we tried, it rained.  On Sunday just before leaving for work, I told the kids we’d do it Monday night.  Then Sunday night, as I looked at the weather report, and compared it to our calendar, I suggested to my Wonderful Wife that we go camping.  She loved the idea!

Because I worked all night Sunday, and had a doctor appointment Monday morning, I arrived home shortly after noon – without having slept for the previous 24 hours.  The thought of going camping wasn’t looking quite so appealing – especially since we really didn’t have our act together.  It isn’t something we do very often.

By the time we got the car loaded, and I took a short nap, there wasn’t much daylight left.  In fact, it had begun to lightly rain at our house – and I knew there’d be rain at the Coast.  Sure enough, we arrived – it was dark and raining.  Misting really – heavy Oregon fog that caused water to drop out of the sky.

“The best part of the whole trip though, was the lack of stress.”

Setting up a tent, in the rain, is something I’ve done way too often.  I’ve kind of lost my touch, but I didn’t forget how to do it right.  With some patience (on my part) and some great teamwork from the rest of the Fam – we got the tent set up, it was dry inside, and so were we!  Victory!

This morning when we got up, it was still overcast and cool, so we ate a bunch of KOA pancakes in a warm dining hall, then went swimming!  After some snacks and naps, we headed to the beach.  The sun had come out enforce, and it was a great day!  We played in the water, let Dixie the Dancing Dog run free, and soaked in lots of sunshine.  It was awesome!!

The best part of the whole trip though, was the lack of stress.  On the drive down to Ft. Stevens, my Darling Daughter talked nearly non-stop.  She was jazzed!  I wish I’d had a recorder running, for she had the most clever phrases and lines I’ve ever heard her exclaim.  Between her enthusiasm, hopeful outlook, and pure joy – she was contagiously lighting us all up.

My Smiling Son is also coming into his own.  His joy, enthusiasm, and hope was palpable too.  He wanted to help set up the tent, build the campfire, and sit in my lap.

Best of all was to see the peace in my Wonderful Wife’s heart.  Life has been too hard on all of us – but for the past couple of days, we were able to coast at the Coast.  We kept it simple by letting KOA cook our breakfast and the pizza joint cook our dinner.  We have to head home tomorrow morning – it’s back to the salt mines for me – but this has been a great rest!

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