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A few years back, as part of a leadership program I was involved in, I learned about two different communication styles.  One was a “Grace-Giver” and the other is a “Truth-Teller.”

Not surprisingly, the majority of well liked leaders are Grace-Givers.  I’m in the Truth-Teller category.  That doesn’t mean I necessarily understand, or know the truth, but I’m not afraid to say what I see, feel, or hear – no matter how painful that may be for the receiver.

“My superpower is connecting invisible dots.”

In addition, I’m an intuitive introvert – an analyzer.  My superpower is connecting invisible dots.  It seems I see things others don’t see.

“Insightful Analyzers are naturally attracted to opportunities to independently analyze and solve complex problems. They enjoy working with theoretical ideas and seek knowledge and insights that help them objectively understand the world around them.” Dunning Personality Experts

So, put these two things together and you get someone who is analyzing complex problems, looking for solutions, and then will share those insights with no fear of how others will take it.

“And I wonder why I face a lot of rejection.”  #sigh


We first saw this bumper sticker when we moved to Colorado Springs, home of Focus on the Family


Then I stumbled on this article, posted by my friend Kelly.  “My boyfriend criticizes everything I do”  In this article, there is mention of the concept of taking another’s inventory – “if you know what that means?”

So, I’ve been thinking.  What if I spent more time analyzing my own complex problems, working with theoretical ideas and seeking knowledge and insights to help ME objectively understand the world around ME.  In other words, instead of trying to fix my employer, my profession, my church, or my Wonderful Wife (oops!) – what if I just focused on my own damn self.

 “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” ~Churchill

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