Five Things About Being Right

February 15th, 2013 Comments

Cool looking chief gorillaI’ve always prided myself on being right. I don’t engage in arguments when I’m unsure of the data, and I don’t take on issues when I have no opinion. But when I know what I’m talking about, I’m willing to engage the conversation. Over the course of the last few years I’ve learned the folly of this approach.

    • First, being right isn’t always the issue. When I was learning to drive my Dad taught me how to know who has the “Right of Way.” But, he also told me there is such a thing as being dead right. I now understand that this statement applies to more than just traffic.
    • Second, it’s good to be the king. If there is someone who has power (real, imagined, or monetary) over you, they can change the rules and prove you wrong as sure anytime they desire. Too many times in the last several years I’ve had the rules changed, or I’ve been told my “correctness” is wrong.
    • Third, a new¬†pharaoh¬†may come to town. Twice in the last five years, I was hired by one boss and then managed by another. And just like the experience of Joseph, the new pharaoh usually doesn’t honor the promises of the old boss.
    • Fourth, there really is a good ‘ol boy network. If you’re not a part of it, life is going to be tough. If your boss golfs, and you don’t, you either need to learn to golf, or start looking for another job. If your boss likes to hang out in the bar, tell off color jokes, or prefers yes men, and you can’t abide by those values, you need to find another job. If you’re passionate about the work, and your boss is passionate about the power, there too is a difference in values that will lead to a poor relationship with your boss.
    • Finally, don’t be dead right. One hundred years from now, most of the things you think are right, will be forgotten. Let it go, move on, and let your boss be the boss.

It is my desire to quit being right and save my energy for my family, friends, and spiritual development – without compromising my values.

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  1. Kyle says:

    Very true. There is certainly more to life than being right. Thanks for the food for thought

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